Captain D’s Fish Menu Prices 2024

Captain D’s is a prominent fish restaurant franchise in the United States, noted for its low cost and tasty seafood meals. Captain D’s, which specializes in freshly cooked fish and seafood, has a diverse menu to suit seafood enthusiasts. This article delves into the different selections on Captain D’s Fish Menu, ideal for those searching for a seafood feast.

What is Captain D’s Fish Menu?

Captain D’s Fish Menu offers a range of seafood meals, with a primary emphasis on fish. It offers batter dipped fish, fish and chips, and seafood platters including shrimp and crab cakes. This menu includes both traditional classics and seasonal specialties, appealing to a variety of tastes and preferences.

Captain D’s Fish Menu

Captain D’s Fish Menu Highlights

Signature Batter Dipped Fish:

Captain D’s is known for its batter dipped fish, which is crispy on the exterior and flaky on the inside. It is often served with your choice of sides, such as fries and coleslaw, making it a full meal.

Fish & Chips:

    Captain D’s fish and chips is a traditional meal that has their unique batter dipped fish paired with crispy potatoes. Customers appreciate this simple but tasty meal.

    Seafood platters:

      Captain D’s seafood platters are ideal for individuals who wish to sample a variety of dishes. These platters may feature a variety of battered fish, shrimp, and crab cakes.

      Seasonal Specials:

        Keep an eye out for seasonal specials, which sometimes include new varieties of fish or limited time dishes. Frequent guests may enjoy a one of a kind culinary experience.

        Popular Captain D’s Fish Menu 2024

        Batter Dipped Fish:

        Batter Dipped Fish

        Captain D’s specialty dish, Batter Dipped Fish, is known for its golden, crispy batter and soft, moist inside. This meal consists of fish fillets dipped in a specially made batter and fried till perfectly crisp. It’s a fan favorite due to its traditional flavor and delicious crunch, and it’s often served with fries and coleslaw.

        Hand Breaded Catfish:

        Hand Breaded Catfish

        Captain D’s Hand Breaded Catfish is a must try for catfish enthusiasts. Each fillet is hand coated with a seasoned breading for added exture and taste. Fried till golden brown, these catfish fillets have a crispy surface and a flaky, buttery interior that melts in your mouth. This meal is often served with Captain D’s D’s Dippin’ sauce to enhance its taste.

        Spicy batter Dipped Fihs:

        Spicy batter Dipped Fihs

        For those who want a little spice, the Spicy Batter Dipped Fish is a fantastic option. This meal takes the typical batter dipped fish and adds spicy ingredients to enhance the taste. The fish is cooked till crispy and golden, adding a spicy edge to the conventional batter dipped fish. It is ideal for those who want a peppery twist on their seafood.

        Southern Style White Fish:

        Southern Style White Fish

        The Southern Style White Fish pays tribute to classic Southern cuisine. This meal includes mildly seasoned white fish fillets that are fried to produce a crispy surface while remaining soft and flaky within. It’s simple yet excellent, encapsulating the spirit of Southern food, and it’s often served with a lemon slice and tartar sauce for extra flavor.

        Captain D’s Nutritional Information

        Captain D’s offers nutritional information for all menu items so that consumers may make educated dining choices. This information usually contains the calorie count, fat content, salt levels, and other key nutritional facts for each dish. By giving these information, Captain D’s allows guests to consider their nutritional requirements, such as low calorie alternatives, salt management, or just keeping track of their regular food consumption. This dedication to openness enables consumers to enjoy their meals while remaining on track with their health and nutritional objectives.


        Captain D’s Fish Menu provides a delectable selection of options for seafood lovers. Whether you’re wanting conventional fish and chips or a whole seafood platter, Captain D’s guarantees quality and taste in every mouthful. Don’t forget to check out their seasonal promotions to try something different every time you come!


        Q1. What are some of the healthiest options on Captain D’s menu?

        Ans: Grilled items, such as the Grilled White Fish Fillet, are among the healthiest choices due to lower calorie and fat content.

        Q2. Does Captain D’s offer any vegetarian options?

        Ans: Yes, Captain D’s offers a few vegetarian sides, including green beans, corn, and salads.

        Q3. Can I get nutritional information for Captain D’s menu items?

        Ans: Yes, nutritional information for all Captain D’s dishes is available on their website and at their restaurant locations.

        Q4. Does Captain D’s have a children’s menu?

        Ans: Yes, Captain D’s has a kid friendly menu that includes smaller portions and non seafood items like chicken tenders.

        Q5. Are there any gluten free options at Captain D’s?

        Ans: While Captain D’s offers some items that do not contain gluten, cross contamination can occur, so it’s best for those with severe allergies to consult with the staff.

        Q6. What kind of fish is used at Captain D’s?

        Ans:Captain D’s primarily uses pollock, tilapia, and catfish for their fish dishes.

        Q7. How many calories in a 4 piece fish meal from Captain D’s?

        Ans:A 4 piece fish meal at Captain D’s typically contains approximately 780 calories.

        Q8. What kind of fish is Captain D’s Southern Style white fish?

        Ans:Captain D’s Southern Style white fish is usually made from white fish, often pollock or tilapia.

        Q9. How many calories are in 3 pieces of Captain D’s fish?

        Ans: Three pieces of Captain D’s fish contain about 540 calories.

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